Accelerating Corporate Innovation

At wippd ventures, we catalyse transformative partnerships between corporations and startups, shaping the future of corporate innovation.
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Here's what we do.

wippd ventures is a boutique advisory firm, which brings together corporates, emerging market innovators, and global investors, to activate corporate innovation initiatives, accelerated by our expertise in corporate finance, technology, and commercial strategy.
Access to innovation

Access new technologies and business models through startup partnerships.

Faster time-to-market

Collaborate with nimble startups to expedite product/service launch.

Cost and Revenue Synergies

Build solid business cases and deliver sustainable cost savings or incremental revenue.

Mitigated R&D Risk

Leverage startup willingness to take risks, reducing R&D uncertainties.

Improved corporate culture

Infuse new ideas and encourage entrepreneurial thinking through startup collaboration.

High financial return on investment

Capitalise on the potential for substantial gains through strategic startup partnerships.

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Leveraging our expertise in corporate finance, technology, and commercial strategy, we seamlessly integrate advanced innovations into corporate strategies, helping companies stay competitive in a rapidly changing business environment.
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Meet the team!

Founded by a team of seasoned professionals, we are here to accelerate the accessibility and impact of CVCs, driving rapid innovation and shaping the future of industries.
Christophe Pompée
Managing Partner

Christophe Pompée brings 17 years of expertise in Strategy, Corporate Finance, and Governance. With a notable M&A track record surpassing €1.5bn in combined transaction value, he co-founded 3 companies in Venture Capital & Advisory: Aperam Ventures, PwC’s Accelerator, and Pioneer Equity Partners.

Raj Mendhir

Raj Mendhir brings 15 years of expertise in consulting, international business development, and commercial strategy across the UK, US, Europe, and Southeast Asia. He's the Managing Partner of wippd, a strategy consulting firm offering global growth solutions.

Upile Chasowa

Upile Chasowa brings 12 years of expertise in technology leadership, data, product, and driving digital transformation across sectors, and has co-founded 3 companies - with one successful exit. Led global teams of 50+ and expanded platform to 10,000+ locations across 130+ countries.

Value creation is at the heart of what we do.

We create value not only for the corporates that we advise, but also for the other stakeholders within the innovation ecosystem that we partner with.
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