Scaling strategists

helping you break into
the Southeast Asia market

We help ambitious technology companies accelerate into new markets in less time, with less cost and less risk. We provide the expertise, insights, & people they need to grow and scale.


International expansion

Scaling and venturing into an overseas market can be a challenging task, both operationally and commercially, especially for companies that are new to such markets.

Whether you’re exploring the emerging excellence of the ASEAN markets, or venturing into the vast UK economy, we’re here to help you navigate the building blocks of business on both sides of the bridge.


Strategic commercial advice

As a boutique strategy consultancy firm, wippd specialises in crafting and executing powerful commercial strategies for companies venturing into Malaysia and the ASEAN region.

Our expertise lies in guiding businesses towards sustainable growth and unlocking their full potential in this dynamic market.


Talent access

The hardest part of scaling a startup or any service business is the hiring and retaining of skilled talent. To drive effective scaling strategies you need to go global to access the most skilled talent.

Whether at the nascent stage of building your startup, or an SME looking to rapidly scale, we work with you to identify which parts of your business can be offshored to optimise your workforce… so you can scale faster!

Our services. Our services

B2B Sales Advisory

Develop and implement breakout sales & growth strategies to penetrate B2B sales channels.

Government Liaison

Facilitate interactions with government bodies, ensuring compliance with regulations and gaining valuable insights.

International Business Development

Grow your business internationally, from ecosystem development to local partnerships and regional sales hubs.

International Expansion

Ensure smooth commercial and operational expansion into Southeast Asia, with intrinsic market knowledge.

Market Research & Analysis

Make informed business growth decisions with pragmatic market research and analysis.

Scaling Strategy

Take your business to the next level of scale with strategic business & commercial advice.

Skilled Talent Acquisition

Take on more clients, win more business, and scale faster by optimising workforce efficiencies within your organisation.

Trade Missions

Discover & explore new markets with tailor-made programmes for government, investment and private organisations.

Our team. Headquartered in London, with offices in Malaysia. We combine strong strategic & commercial experience with an intrinsic knowledge of the markets that our clients invest into.