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About Us

WIPPD is a boutique consultancy, supporting startups with unbelievably cost-effective strategic and operational services. From breaking through brick walls and building sales functions to building low-cost remote teams, we help you build an ultra lean business. Our core values and culture centre on ‘maximising potential’, which goes for both our team and the many happy clients.

We don’t believe in overly-complicating exciting and pioneering ideas. We exist to deliver the most innovative and impactful business support, helping you build your startup in a smart lean fashion.

Services to support the growth of your startup

WIPPD Advisory: Shadow CEO

For early stage startup founders and first time founders, your Shadow CEO is here! As a Shadow CEO, we are available at short notice to provide founders with an experienced sounding board, as well as make valuable introductions to our network.

We help founders break through brick walls; build sales functions; find new markets & channels; up-skill teams; align boards; and scale. Benefit from the vast amounts of wisdom accumulated from the successes of running a business, as well as an endless list of learnings from multiple failures.

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WIPPD Offshore: Smart Resourcing Service

With our Smart Resourcing Service, we're here to help you grow your team while keeping costs low - the savings are bonkers!

From lead generation to social media and data entry to copywriting, we'll take care of all your remote resourcing needs.

WIPPD: Upskilling Workshops

Workshops In Personal & Professional Development!

Want to upskill your team and boost productivity? With a wealth of experience designing and delivering skills workshops for Startups, SME's and Higher Education outfits, we are supremely positioned to deliver on your team's upskilling needs.