Unlocking Growth Opportunities for Fintech Expansion in ASEAN

Client Overview:

Our client, a pioneering UK fintech company, had successfully established its presence in Malaysia. However, they aspired to maximise their potential not only in Malaysia but also in the broader ASEAN region. Central to their growth strategy was achieving Malaysia Digital Status, a key milestone that would unlock substantial financial and non-financial incentives, catalysing their next phase of expansion.


  1. Malaysia Digital Status: The client sought guidance on navigating the intricate process of obtaining Malaysia Digital Status, which involved complying with stringent criteria and regulations.
  1. Grant Application: To further accelerate their expansion into Southeast Asia, the client aimed to secure a government grant. Crafting a compelling grant proposal required a deep understanding of Malaysia's political and economic landscape.

wippd's Strategic Intervention:

wippd, renowned for its expertise in market entry strategies and powerful government relations in Malaysia, took on the challenge of empowering the client's aspirations.

  1. Attaining Malaysia Digital Status: We provided meticulous guidance to ensure our client met the stringent requirements for Malaysia Digital Status. This involved aligning their operations with the government's vision for a digital economy and assisting in the application process.
  1. Grant Application Support: Understanding the nuances of government policies and their macroeconomic goals was crucial. While we didn't directly craft the grant application, we provided strategic guidance and insights. We helped the client navigate the government's macroeconomic priorities, ensuring that their proposal aligned with their expansion objectives. Their application was subsequently shortlisted, pending the final award of the grant.


Through our strategic intervention, our client achieved significant milestones:

Our client's journey demonstrates the power of strategic guidance and a profound understanding of government policies. It exemplifies how wippd's expertise can empower businesses to navigate and leverage government macroeconomic priorities to fuel their expansion and growth.

wippd continues to stand as a trusted partner, supporting our client's vision of becoming a leading fintech player in the ASEAN region.