wippd Innovation Network

Accelerating ASEAN innovation
and sustainability ecosystems.

Fast track your access and visibility to the booming Malaysia market with wippd's innovation network (win). Register your innovations today and unlock a world of opportunities, including deal making with Malaysian most prominent businesses actively seeking groundbreaking solutions.

win unlocks the opportunity to pilot your technology, secure strategic investment, test bed your solution, and make impactful deals that propel your business to new heights. Position your company at the forefront of Malaysia's vibrant market and accelerate your success journey in Southeast Asia by registering with win.


The platform. We provide our corporate stakeholders access to innovative & sustainable products and services that are widely sought after.

Benefits for Corporates

Benefits for Startups

Access to new technologies and ideas
Access to resources
Faster time-to-market
Increased visibility and credibility
Acts as an extension to R&D functions
Opportunity for validation and testing
Reduced innovation risk
Potential for acquisition and investment
Improved corporate culture
Potential for long-term partnerships

win connects you to ready market demand in Southeast Asia, allowing you to showcase your solution and connect with potential partners and clients.