Why Companies are Increasingly Turning to Outsourcing Through the Covid-19 Recovery

There can be no doubt, Covid-19 has put businesses of all shapes and sizes under tremendous pressure.  Weeks of closed offices, furloughed staff and strained budgets have made things difficult for both the big players and the smaller firms, which is why so many businesses have been turning to outsourcing to keep themselves afloat.  Despite some easing of restrictions, this looks like a trend which is set to continue – so what are the benefits?

A Tricky Situation

People may be slowly returning to work, but companies still find themselves in a very tricky situation as they negotiate new regulations, try to keep employees safe and start to recover from the shock of a shutdown and the prospect of a major recession.  After weeks of downtime and with a lot of catching up to do, all business owners are looking for ways to economise in order to save vital time and money.

While offshoring might seem like one more added expense as a business starts to recover, it can, in fact, be a money saver.  A business struggling to get back on track needs all the manpower it can get, but with social distancing still in place, that’s not always easy or even possible.  A company workforce might not be fully up and running for many months, meaning you can often feel you’re drowning in the routine tasks and not concentrating on the bigger picture.

Fielding some tasks to a professional outsourcing firm allows you to free up your fully-paid staff to focus on the things which really matter.  Day-to-day tasks such as bookkeeping, graphic design, lead generation and keeping up with social media posts can all be outsourced, meaning an outside team can handle the things which keep a business ticking over during these difficult times.

Is Outsourcing Now Worth the Money?

Specialist outsourcing companies such as WIPPD have seen a surge in interest during the lockdown period, with no sign of demand slowing as restrictions are slowly lifted.  For some clients, the Covid-19 crisis has been a period of reflection.  Raouf Belmouloud of J&R Property says: “Outsourcing has been a lifeline for us during this incredibly challenging period.  WIPPD has helped us design our property development brochures and website content, and gain a better understanding of our clients overall.  Having access to their remote global workforce is priceless and offshoring like this is definitely a long-term solution for us.”

Outsourcing means companies can effectively double their workforce in an instant, and double the workforce means double the work to get back on track.  Return on Investment (ROI) has never been so important, whether you’re a small start-up or a major name in the business world.  Right now, companies need their staff to be concentrating on the jobs which will generate the most income and help them get back on their feet.  The small, everyday jobs which keep a business going can either overwhelm the staff who are returning to work, or go overlooked altogether.

Employing remote teams is certainly worth the money if it helps a business rebuild their customer base and concentrate their attention on what really matters to them.  With routine tasks taken care of behind the scenes, staff can get back to work and tackle the top priorities for a recovering enterprise.

WIPPD provides a full range of outsourcing services, and we can help your business get WIPPD back into shape as we all slowly recover from the Covid-19 outbreak.  For more information on how we can help, just get in touch with our team today.