Find Your 'Duvet-Flip'​ Motivation

Motivation is a funny thing. You may find that it comes and goes in waves, and some days are more positive than others. That’s because you’ve only found your short-term motivation. When you find something which really fires you up, really makes you passionate – that’s when you find that ‘duvet-flip’ motivation which endures.

Duvet-flip motivation is what makes you leap out of bed every morning, eager to start the day because you’re fuelled by something you love. Finding motivation can be hard, and in order to do so you need to really dive beneath the surface. Sure, you can feel a positive boost after reading some inspirational quotes or having your work praised, but it’s not the sort of motivation which lasts.

Delve deeper and you’ll find what really drives you. Look at your career and ask yourself, ‘what is my purpose in life, where do I want to be?’ We all have dreams and ambitions. If you could imagine your perfect life, what would it look like? Achieving that is your core purpose, and every day should start with reminding yourself of that.

Your duvet-flip motivation could relate to any number of things – career, relationships, family, financial stability. Whether it’s one single motivator or a broad range of them, make a list of what gives you purpose and what you want from life.

Life, as they say, is not a dress rehearsal. You have to seize it, and the only way to do that is by finding that deep, long-term motivation which gets you up and eager to go every morning.